November 15, 2016 11:35am

Today I got Taco Bell for lunch. I had been thinking about it since yesterday when the woman who was to be conducting the day’s training came in to tell us lunch would not be provided and then listed a few restaurants in the area. I knew that would be what I wanted and was not surprised when the me that existed 24 hours later acted accordingly. I had to use my GPS to get there since I now work in a different city than the one I live in and do not know that area yet. I still use my GPS in the city I live in, too. I almost missed the turn because my GPS did not alert me in time, which made me frustrated.  I then ended up in the parking lot of the hibachi restaurant next door and briefly considered whether I should eat that or not. I decided that I shouldn’t when I realized how frustrated I was that the parking lots were not more easily navigable.

The Taco Bell was a combination Taco Bell and KFC. At that point I considered getting KFC, since there is a Taco Bell much closer to my apartment and the KFC nearest me is further away and sort of hard to get to when traffic is bad. I cannot get to the KFC nearest me without using my GPS. I remembered that my friend got Nashville hot chicken from the food truck at Comic Con, and that it’s only a limited time offer at KFC. I remembered how frustrated I was when I went to KFC in Hickory when it was in stores the first time and they had discontinued it. I decided to stick to the plan and get some Nashville hot chicken another time.

I ordered from the value menu, a recent habit that has made Taco Bell even cheaper than it already was. I got a mini chicken quesadilla, a beefy Frito burrito (that may not be its proper name), and a caramel apple empanada. I wondered if I had enough food, and consoled myself with the thought that I could go through the line again since I planned to eat in my car in the parking lot. If I went through the line again, I could get KFC that time. I wouldn’t want a whole Nashville hot chicken meal, though. When I opened the burrito, I realized it was bigger than expected and I would definitely have enough food. It was pretty good. I was surprised when I bit into it and it was crunchy with Fritos, even though it’s an integral part of the burrito. I ate the quesadilla next, which was very messy. I then ate the empanada, and was glad that was the last thing. I had brought a diet Dr. Pepper from home, which was crisp and refreshing. I didn’t need my GPS to get back to work, since it was only a few turns. I was proud of myself for being able to remember the way. I passed two different pho restaurants, and imagined I might like to check those out. The woman conducting the training mentioned them yesterday as well. I got back to work in time to make a Tervis of Earl Grey tea, which was made with microwaved tap water since the Keurig is still broken. I did not eat the plastic baggie of Cheerios I brought from home, so I will save that for tomorrow.

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