November 16, 2016 11:15am

During the CPR training course, I asked the instructor if there will be a break for lunch. She replied that there wouldn’t, since the class will be over at 1:00. I explained that some of us have another training starting at 1:00, and asked if it would be okay if I ate the baggie of Cheerios I brought from home. She joked that it would only be okay if I brought enough for everyone, and some other people made similar comments. I laughed along with the class. I felt bad for the woman to my right, who has the same job position as me and was one of the two women I have talked to most since starting. She was going to the same training at 1:00 and I wondered if she brought any snacks. I offered her some of my Cheerios, but she declined. I was glad because they were stale and I didn’t want anyone to find out.

The class ended up finishing around 12:30, which gave me enough time to get some fast food. I know where the restaurants are now and do not need to use my GPS. I decided to go to Sheetz since I also needed gas. When I got there I noticed “Born to Run” was playing over the speakers. While I was fueling my car, the man on the opposite side of the pump asked if I am using “Flex Fuel,” which has the number 88 and is something specific to Sheetz. I told him I didn’t know what it was, so I just used the normal 87 gas. I noticed he had adult braces, making him the third person with them that I’ve seen in the past four days. He asked what year my car was and explained that if it is a 2001 model or newer, it could use Flex Fuel, which is what they use in NASCAR. He didn’t seem like the type of person who would watch NASCAR, but I didn’t say anything. I thought about asking if it had the number 88 because that was Dale Jr.’s number, but I didn’t say that either.

When I finished, I pulled my car into a parking space and went inside to get something to eat. I ordered a cheeseburger from the do-it-yourself touch screen ordering thing. I got it with fried pickles instead of normal ones. I ate it in the car on the way back to work and thought the patty was a little bland. I wished I had gotten something to drink, but we’re not allowed to have anything that the patients can tell is soda and I hate to pay for water. Luckily, the lobby where my training was held had a water jug. It had a cylinder inside where sliced fruit or herbs can be used to infuse the water with flavor. There were lemons and limes in the cylinder but they were left whole and not cut at all, so the water did not have any flavor.

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