November 17, 2016 11:50am

Today the supervisor conducting the orientation did not specify if or when we would break for lunch, which made me very anxious. There were only two of us in today’s orientation, and the other woman is scheduled for third shift. Tomorrow I will be the only one in the orientation. When we were asked if we had any questions, I asked about lunch. She said we could break in a few moments and have 45 minutes to go out and get something. I decided today would be the day I got Nashville hot chicken from KFC.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I thought about getting coleslaw with the order. I remembered my mom saying once how much she like KFC’s coleslaw because they put carrots in it. She died about eleven years before I started liking coleslaw, so I can’t tell her that I think it’s really good too. It was busy inside, and I had to wait a while to order. I scanned the seating and looked for a small table that wasn’t too close or too far from anyone else. My order was called shortly after I sat down, and I wondered if I should bring my purse with me to pick it up. The counter was only a few steps from the table, but I would have to turn my back to it which could give someone an opportunity to steal the purse. I left it at the table. After a few bites, I realized I forgot to ask for some finger licking sauce. I did take my purse with me this time.

I felt awkward while I was eating, like the feeling you get after you’ve been on a trampoline and try to jump on the flat ground, or after you’ve been running on a treadmill and start walking on the regular floor again. I tried eating the chicken tenders with my spork, but it didn’t work well. I started eating with my hands and wondered if anyone in the restaurant would have an opinion on that. I wondered if anyone in the restaurant had any opinion about me at all.

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