November 29, 2016 7:50am

I had some anxiety about breakfast this morning because it is cold cereal day at work. We are supposed to eat 100% of what we serve ourselves, and I can’t stand milk. Last Tuesday, I used as little milk in my cereal as possible so that I could drink the majority of it fresh out my cup. I almost gagged having to drink it out of the bowl. I was glad I didn’t, because I figured they wouldn’t have a very positive reaction to that. I’ve seen some people use yogurt in place of milk, and I was planning to try that this morning. I like granola in my yogurt, so I was going to try to pretend it was the same thing.

When I got on shift, I was told I would be eating my breakfast by myself and then rejoining the group later. That meant I could eat my cereal how I wanted. I was literally overjoyed – this milk thing is a huge hurdle for me. Later that day I found out every other Tuesday would be back to normal, so next week I will be eating my cereal with yogurt.

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