December 13, 2016 11:08pm

I met up with my friends at Ruckus after my hair appointment. It had taken four hours, which was about double what I was expecting. My hair never looks good after I get it done, so I brought a hat to put on. When I got to Ruckus, my friends said it didn’t look like I had done anything to it. This was frustrating to me, because it had taken so long and I had a significant amount of blonde put into it. I know that it was probably hard to tell because it was dark in the bar and I was wearing a hat, but it still hurt my feelings.

I didn’t get food because I was trying to be good, but then I had three beers and started wanting Taco Bell. I got in line in the drive through but it didn’t move at all for ten minutes. I decided to leave and go home but then I passed McDonald’s and saw that line was much shorter. I ordered two McDoubles and thought I might should’ve only gotten one. I watched the person at the window passing out the order to the car in front of me, and I didn’t see anything except bottles of water. I wondered if I had missed the rest of the order or if they had really only ordered several bottles of water. When I got up to the window, I noticed a sign that said this franchise owner’s name was Ric Richards and I thought that was silly. As I ate the burgers on the way home, I realized I definitely should’ve only gotten one. I also got mustard on my radio.


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