January 3, 2017 12:22pm

Today was my first day at my new job. When the IT guy came by to set up my password, he also showed me how to use the map on the website to find all the restaurants nearby. Many of them were still closed for the holiday, so I decided to get fast food a little further out. I found a Cookout ten minutes away, so I went there. All Cookouts have double lanes for ordering, but not all of them have both lanes’ windows on the driver’s side, which is very frustrating to me. I accidentally went in the lane that has the window on the passenger’s side and had to go out and come back in again. Also all the Cookouts in my experience have the speaker way too loud and it hurts my ears.

I ordered a big double tray with a chicken quesadilla and corn dog. I also asked for some extra mustard for my corn dog. When I got to the window, the cashier gave me my order quickly and was not very friendly. I felt rushed, so I did not check to make sure I got the mustard. Something told me they didn’t put it in. I pulled into a parking space in the shopping center where the restaurant was and opened my tray. Of course there was no mustard. I was doubly frustrated, because the last time I had gone to Cookout I got the same order and did not use the mustard so I put it in the door handle but then took it out and gave it to my dad when I was home for Christmas, so I missed two opportunities to have mustard for my corn dog.

Across the lot from me I saw three men standing and eating their Cookout off the back of their work truck. The truck had two matching Trump/Pence bumper stickers on the back windshield. The biggest building in the shopping center was something called Strawbridge Studios Inc. The door only had the name on it, and there were no other signs indicating what kind of goods or services this company offered. A man in a suit walked out at one point, but that wasn’t enough of a clue to figure out what the business was. On the roof were four of those plastic owls for scaring away birds. I wondered if there may have been more towards the back that I couldn’t see.

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