May 7, 2017 3:25pm

When I woke up on the couch this afternoon, I checked my phone and saw a message from my friend asking if I still wanted to go shopping. My hair was greasy and I was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday, but I wanted to do more with my day than just this. I asked if she had eaten or wanted to get food, and she said that would be good. I washed my face and changed my shirt and was putting on some makeup when she arrived. She said she didn’t know how I did my eyebrows until now and I told her that I used to be worried about people knowing I filled them in, even though it was obvious I was wearing makeup on other parts of my face. This was before the dramatic eyebrows that are popular now were in style.

At the restaurant, I saw they had a special on Saturdays and Sundays called the Macho Burrito. I never get burritos, but this one looked good and I wanted to get something different. When I gave my order to the waiter, he said that I should probably get the smaller size that’s not listed on the menu. He said the regular Macho Burrito is probably enough for two people. My friend told him that she used to get this burrito all the time and was never offered another size. The waiter said it’s because it’s considered a down-sell and that they’re encouraged not to do it. My friend ordered her food and asked for some ranchero sauce to go with it. The waiter suggested another type of sauce he thought she might like. I hadn’t looked at the sauce list and asked for my menu back so I could see if there were any other salsas I wanted. The waiter then said that my burrito comes with the hottest salsa they make, and he suggested that I get something else. I like spicy food, so I was put off that he thought I might think this was too spicy. If it was someone I knew, I might appreciate the advice, but this guy doesn’t know how spicy I like my salsas. He also doesn’t know how much burrito I can eat.

When the food came, I was surprised by the burrito. This burrito was seriously so small. It was adorable. I wish I had taken a photo. It was phenomenal though. Also the salsa wasn’t really all that spicy, but it was delicious too. I told my friend that I should say something petty, like how I was still hungry after I finished my food, and she told me I should. I didn’t say anything, but when the waiter tried to take my plate away while I was still scooping the little side of lettuce, tomatoes, and jalapenos up with chips, I had to tell him I was still working on it.

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