May 9, 2017 1:22pm

I went to a different Cookout than the one I went to a few months ago. This one was closer. It was in a part of town I’ve never gone to before. This one had inside dining and only one drive-thru lane. I’ve never been to a Cookout with only one drive-thru lane. The speaker was too loud though, like the rest of the Cookouts I’ve been to. I ordered a barbecue sandwich tray with the coleslaw on the side. This is the first time I’ve gotten it on the side and not asked for it to be left off completely. I got a corn dog and chicken quesadilla for the sides and a sweet tea with no ice. I always bet with myself whether or not my tea will actually come out with no ice. I thought today it would have ice. It didn’t and I was glad. Sometimes I still think of the time I tried to order a gallon of tea from McDonald’s and the cashier told me they were out so she gave me three 32oz drink cups of tea, including ice, because they were the same price ($3 + tax). I was furious but also too shy to explain how wrong that was and how it was hardly an appropriate replacement for what I’d wanted. This was about six or seven years ago and I still get irritated.

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