May 10, 2017 9:15pm

I stood in line reading the menu, trying to find the chicken tenders. I knew I could just say I wanted an order of chicken tenders, but I wanted to know what the exact menu item was. I hadn’t planned on getting food, but the only thing I’d had since lunch was Target brand Metamucil.

I saw a sandwich that had parmesan-crusted fried chicken breast, Ameri-Swiss cheese, jalapenos, 1000 island, lettuce, tomato, and olive tapenade. I decided to order that but without the last three things. It came with house chips. When I got back to the table, I saw my friends’ orders of chicken tenders and wondered if mine was going to come with barbecue sauce. They didn’t ask me which sauce I wanted. I like barbecue sauce, but I would’ve asked for honey mustard.

As I watched my friends eat their chicken tenders, I got very anxious anticipating my order of chicken tenders. When my sandwich was sat down in front of me, I got as excited as I had when I first saw it on the menu. It tasted so good. I wanted to trade the chips it came with for a third half. The chips didn’t come with any dipping sauce, and I wish they had. The only other person who didn’t get chicken tenders got garlic knots, and I scooped a chip through the butter/grease/parmesan collection at the bottom of her basket. Someone said it was going to be like nachos. I said I regretted doing it. I crumpled the rest of the chips up in the paper that lined the basket and stacked it in an empty chicken tender basket to free up space on the table.

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