May 15, 2017 7:32pm

Earlier in the day when I was trying to decide what I wanted for dinner, I figured I might as well go to the meatball shoppe. I call it the meatball store. I had forgotten about the barbecue food truck until I got an automated email from my apartment manager, and decided to get that instead. Later, I got another email saying that the food truck was going to be postponed until tomorrow, so I decided to go to the meatball store after all.

I wanted to call my order ahead so I didn’t have to wait, but they didn’t pick up the phone any of the seven times I called. Between calls I thought of rude but unoriginal things to say, like “why have your phone number posted if you don’t pick it up?” or “do you guys not take call ahead orders?” I figured I probably wouldn’t say anything, but I wanted something prepared if I changed my mind.

I got more and more frustrated as I got downtown because I accidentally passed several good spots and had to park on the second level of the parking deck. I decided I would definitely say something snarky. I thought about telling my friends I was going to boycott the restaurant for not picking up the phone. I wondered if that was something I would actually do, since I like this place so much and this is so minor. There’s only one place that I boycott; I should probably add more. When I got to the door, I saw a sign that said they were closed today for routine maintenance. As I walked away, I wondered if punching a stranger would help regulate my emotions.

When I got back in the car, I decided to go to the deli and get a turkey croissant. I thought about just going home and having cereal, but I wanted something hot. By the time I got to the deli, I was very hungry and upset. I ordered the same thing I got the last time I came here, when I felt weird for asking about the cookies. I didn’t feel weird this time, but the cookie also wasn’t as good.

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