March 6, 2018 9:58pm

When I pulled the first piece of ham out of the package, I felt very excited – much more so than the situation reasonably called for. I’m telling myself it’s because I was glad I went with a better brand even though it cost more, and not that I’m literally elated by the sight of packaged lunch meat.

I wish I had gotten nine pieces of cheese instead of just eight, because I wanted to eat a piece by itself while I was making the sandwich. By that logic, I would probably wish I had an extra piece of cheese per sandwich every time I made one. By THAT logic, I should have gotten a package of Sargento or something because most of their packages have 11 slices and that would be almost enough to do that. By the time I thought all this through, I decided I would be fine not having an appetizer cheese slice and finished putting my sandwich together.

This was a really good sandwich, even though it was just ham, cheese, and yellow mustard cold on a roll.

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