March 19, 2018 1:04pm

I decided to go to Wendy’s for lunch – even though I was worried about losing my parking spot – because I really didn’t like the food I made. I started to head toward the one I know about on the side of town I’m more familiar with, but I figured there had to be one closer. I put it in my GPS and saw that there was one a mile closer to me in the opposite direction.

When I got there, traffic in the drive thru was backed up to the street and cars couldn’t get in. I was in the left turning lane behind two other cars, so I pulled in the exit to the lot and parked and went inside. I ordered a double stack and four chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce. I also asked for a whole bunch of chili sauce, as it is my favorite sauce for anything. While I was waiting, I noticed that the lady expediting the food was being nice to everyone and using pet names. I wondered if those people were regulars or if she knew them, or if she was just really friendly. I hoped she’d be friendly with me. When she was bagging my food, she put an order of fries in the bag instead of chicken nuggets. I clarified what I’d ordered and she took the fries out, and when she did one of them landed on the counter. My first instinct was to reach out and grab the fry and eat it. I had to actively stop myself from doing that. She might not have been nice to me after that if I’d done it.

When I got back to work and opened the bag, I realized I forgot to ask again for the whole bunch of chili sauce I wanted. I know by now to ask the person bagging the food, not the person taking the order, but I still do it this way every single time. I have more at home, but I like to get some every time I go. Plus that meant I didn’t have any for today. There was a fry left at the bottom of the bag and I got to enjoy a fry after all.

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